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Small Handmade, Egyptian, Wood Tar Frame Drum with Natural Hide Surface


Item Number: 471

Country of Origin: Egypt
Material: Wood & goat skin
Size: 29 cm diameter
Craftsmanship: Commissioned to a traditional percussion maker 

Detailed Description:

Egyptian hand made frame drum, made of wood and natural goat skin. It has a pleasant warm sound. This is a very basic frame drum held by the frame with the left hand at the bottom of the drum, pinching the drum between the thumb and forefinger.  This allows the middle and ring fingers to be open and free to play counter beats and rolls. This drum has a low bass tone, and medium tones along the rim.  It can also be played by rapping your knuckles on the frame, dragging your hand along the drum head for a low hum, and countless techniques in between.

The tar drum is commonly used in dhikr gatherings, the beat representing the heart and breath.