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Framed Kiswah (Ghilaf) | Sacred Hujra of Prophet in Muhammad (S)


Small Framed Kiswah (Ghilaf) containing the Kiswah al-Saadat Covering from the Sacred Chamber (Hujrah) of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Masjid an-Nabawi, Medina

“Medina is best for them if they only knew. No one leaves it through dislike of it without God putting in it someone better than he in place of him, and no one will remain there in spite of its hardship and distress without my being an intercessor on his behalf on the day of resurrection.”

(Hadith in Muhammad ibn Abd Allah Khatib al-Tibrizi, Mishkat al-Masabih)

Rumi’s Garden humbly presents a 9 x 9 cm Kiswah al-Saadat (Curtain of Bliss) cross-section that comes from the Sacred Chamber of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Hujrah al-Nabawia al-Sharifa; الحجرة النبوية الشريفة) in Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Al Madinah Al-Munawwarah). The panels of the contemporary kiswah are green and white in color and the full curtain surrounds the burial tombs of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Abu Bakr as-Saddiq (RAA), and Umar ibn al-Khattab (RAA). The fragment of the Kiswah al-Saadat comes from a larger panel that was used inside the Sacred Chamber.

Medina is the abode of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by virtue of his mausoleum and mosque. His barakah is felt throughout the confines of the town. The heart yearns to visit Medina precisely because this is the city of the Prophet, its mosque the model of all mosques, and its traditions the source of so many Islamic practices. To love God one must love His Prophet. To love Mecca also requires loving Medina. The two cities, in fact, form a single sacred reality for the vast majority of Muslims who live outside their vicinity, a reality at once blessed and luminous. There is indeed something of the Muhammadan Light, the light associated with the inner reality of the Blessed Prophet that still emanates in his city and bestows upon Medina a special barakah, a sweet presence that is associated with the being whom it welcomed to its fold, the being who is interred in its earth and who made Medina the capital of a vast new order. Today, as in days of old, all the faithful pray for the opportunity to be able to experience the Muhammadan barakah which is still so palpable within the confines of this “illuminated city”, still the capital of the Blessed Prophet’s dominion.

To be a caretaker of the Kiswah al-Saadat, which has always been considered to be one of the most important of the Prophetic relics, is to actively partake in the baraka of the Prophet Muhammad . More importantly, the kiswah fragment should always be a reminder for its caretaker to live as the Prophet and his companions did, within his sunnah, and within Muhammadan light (Nur al Muhammadi). 

For more information on the Kiswah, visit and scroll down on this link.

Detailed Description of the Kiswah from Sacred Hujrah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

 ۩ An authentic 9 x 9 cm contemporary green and white Kiswah (Kiswah al-Saadat; 'Curtain of Bliss) from the Chamber of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Hujrah) in Masjid al-Nabawi (Medina). The Kiswah was placed inside the Sacred Chamber in the Rawda area. The kiswah fragment comes in a 13 x 13 cm frame.

۩ A certified true copy of a certificate of authentication, for the larger Kiswah al-Saadat panels, officially provided by Islamic Antiquities Museum of Kuwait. This certificate is the original certified true copy provided by the museum and is not a photocopy made by Rumi's Garden. An English translation of this certificate will also be provided.

۩ A Rumi's Garden in-house letter of authentication explaining the history of the Kiswah al-Saadat fragment and how it was sourced. 

The design of the blessed kiswah you will receive will not be exactly like the photo. Please note that the kiswah pendant is not waterproof.


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