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Taweez (Amulet) Pendant with Inscription | Nadee Ali (Call on Ali)

SKU APT-030200-3805005-04

Description of Carnelian Tawiz 

This pendant is a powerful amulet that dates back to the late 1800's or early 1900's. It is made of carnelian (aqiq) gemstone that contains an intricate engraving of the Nad-e-Ali prayer surrounded by organic, geometrical shapes. The backing is made of silver.

The Nad-e-Ali prayer has traditionally been used by Sunni's and Shiites as a protection from oppressors, whether they be people or jinn and animals and for prosperity.

The Story of Nad-e-Ali

After Prophet Muhammad ﷺ almost defeated the Qurayshi enemies in the Battle at Uhud in 624 AD, an attack was relaunched by striking the rear ranks of the Musiims which took them by surprise and caused chaos. The scales were turned against the Muslim army and our Beloved Prophet remained deserted in the battlefield, surrounded and injured. It is reported that at this moment, an inspiration from Angel Jibril came to the Messenger of God to call on Sayidna Ali ibn Abi Talib:

Call upon Ali, who is the epiphanic source of marvels. You shall find him a help for you in adversities. All anxiety and grief shall disappear through his authority, (say,) O'Ali, O'Ali, O'Ali

The Prophet repeated this call aloud three times, and Imam Ali appeared in a blink of an eye, with his sword Zulfiqar in hand, and fought the enemies with such courage, strength and persistence that he single-handedly rescued God’s Messenger and the Muslims. 

In praise of Imam Ali’s valiant victory in the battlefield, the following words gushed out of the Prophets’ blessed mouth after the battle:  la fata illa Ali, la sayf illa Zulfiqar (There is no hero like Ali; There is no sword like Zulfiqar).

Detailed Description:

۩ Inscription: Nadee Ali (Call on Ali) 
۩ Country of Origin: Afghanistan
۩ Age: 1800s
۩ Pendant material: Carnelian stone
۩ Pendant frame: 925 Sterling Silver
۩ Length: 38mm
۩ Width: 50mm
۩ Height: 5mm
۩ SKU:  APT-030200-3805005-04
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