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Wool Stole Handloomed in Kullu, India | Black and Red for Men & Women


Description of Wool Stole Hand-loomed in Kullu, India

Kullu stoles are commonly known worldwide for their simple and elegant primal designs along with their natural woolen fabric that is of high quality. The technique of weaving Kullu stoles requires high skills and patience. Using a fly shuttle frame loom, the weaver implements a tapestry technique in which the design is created by manipulating different colored weft yarn of short lengths as per the contour of the design. 
This particular stole is 70 cm x 200 cm and is black in color with 3 bright borders consisting of a diamond weave pattern that is red, rust, orange, beige, forrest green and grey. The stole is completely handwoven so minor variations may appear which gives it a unique character.
Rumi's Garden is blessed to work alongside an award winning weavers guild from Northern India that was established in 1944. Their Kullu stoles, including this particular one, are all made from the highest quality natural hand-loomed wool.
Maintaining Your Stole

To maintain the stole, hand-wash it with a small amount of mild wool/ silk soap or delicate non-biological wool detergent. Do not dry cleaning. Do not tumble dry. The wool softens after a wash and continues to do so with time.

Details of Multicolored Kullu Stole

۩ Type: Stole

۩ Gender: Men & Women

۩ Material (Fibre): Wool

۩ Make (Process): Hand-loomed & Woven

۩ Design: Three Elaborate Geometrical Borders (Diamond Weave)

۩ Main Colour: Black

۩ Border Colours: Red, Rust, Orange, Beige, Forrest Green, Grey 

۩ Approximate Size (excluding fringe): 70 cm x 200 cm

۩ Approximate Weight: 246 grams

۩ Country of Origin: Kullu, India

۩ SKU: ASH-0300-070x200-010915