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Large Wool Shawl Handloomed in Uttarakhand, India | Natural Undyed for Men & Women


SKU ASH-0300-095x244-161000

Description of Wool Shawl Hand-loomed in Uttarakhand, India

'Art is nothing tangible...The art remains in the artist and is the knowledge by which things are made.'

(Ananda K. Coomaraswamy)
This beautiful thick large woolen shawl is approximately 95 cm x 244 cm in size and is made completely from handspun yarn made out of natural white wool.  It was created using traditional methods and the design consists of a delicate, repetitive diamond pattern. The shawl can be worn by both men and women.

Rumi's Garden is honoured to cooperate with a small supplier, from Uttarakhand in northern India, that works on a grassroots level to promote the handicrafts of skilled spinners, dyers and weavers of local tribal communities.  All their hand-woven products are environmentally friendly as they are made using natural fibres that are locally grown.

Maintaining Your Shawl

To maintain the shawl, hand-wash it with a small amount of mild wool/ silk soap or delicate non-biological wool detergent. Do not dry cleaning. Do not tumble dry. The wool softens after a wash and continues to do so with time.

Details of Hand Spun Yarn Shawl

۩ Type: Large Shawl

۩ Gender: Men & Women

۩ Material (Fibre): Natural Wool

۩ Make (Process): Hand-loomed from  Hand Spun Yarn

۩ Colours: Natural Undyed, White

۩ Approximate Size (excluding fringe): 95 cm x 244 cm

۩ Approximate Weight: 430 gr

۩ Country of Origin: Uttarakhand, India

۩ SKU: ASH-0300-095x244-161000