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Wool Stole Handloomed in Gujarat, India | Sage Green & Burgundy for Women

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Description of Gujarati  Hand-loomed Wool Stole


This magnanimous stole is 60 cm x 200 cm in size and was hand-loomed from ethically sourced natural wool. Its colors lean towards pastel and include burgundy, salmon, rose and blue. Only natural dyes for the wool threading have been used and are made from plant roots, flowers, berries, bark and leaves.

For the wool to absorb the dye, it is soaked in a mordant such as salt alum, which is a technique that has been used for millennia. Natural plant dyes are then added and boiled in order to produce the various rich colors you see with this stole.

In terms of weaving technique, an extra set of filling yarns were used to produce the hour glass, the figured patterns and the geometric shapes that appear on the sage green lined border.

This stole is a unique piece due to it being hand-loomed. Slight variations in the design may exist which adds to its unique character. The design is further enhanced by the pompom fringing.

Rumi's Garden is indebted to the craftsmen belonging to a guild in East India who have produced this stole. Their noble objective is to provide a stable livelihood to weavers from small villages around the region and to promote the use of natural dyes. 

Maintaining Your Stole

To maintain the stole, hand-wash it with a small amount of mild wool/ silk soap or delicate non-biological wool detergent. Do not dry cleaning. Do not tumble dry. The wool softens after a wash and continues to do so with time.

Details of Multicolored Stole with  Extra Weft Weave Design


۩ Type: Stole

۩ Gender: Women

۩ Material (Fibre): Wool

۩ Make (Process): Hand-loomed

۩ Design: Striped border, Extra weft, Pompom fringing, Hand embroidered

۩ Colours: Natural Plant Dyes; Sage Green, Burgundy, Salmon, Rose, Blue

۩ Approximate Size (excluding fringe): 60 cm x 200 cm

۩ Approximate Weight: 180 grams

۩ Country of Origin: Gujarat, India

۩ SKU: ASH-0300-060x200-272829

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