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Bentham's Theory of Fictions'by Jeremy Bentham (Author), C.K. Ogden (Author)

Bentham's Theory of Fictions'by Jeremy Bentham (Author), C.K. Ogden (Author)
'Bentham's Theory of Fictions'
By Jeremy Bentham (Author), C.K. Ogden (Author)
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Charles Ogden (1889-1957) is best known as the senior author of "The Meaning of Meaning", the inventor of the 850-word system of Basic English and the expositor of the writings of Jeremy Bentham. Bentham's work had confirmed Ogden in the conviction he had nurtured for 20 years: that language, for all its pitfalls, could be controlled, thus ensuring effective communication and international understanding, perhaps even preventing war.
​Table of Contents:

Introduction, C.K. Ogden
I. Origins and Influence, ix;
II. The Theory, xxxiv;
III. Expansions and Applications, lxii;
IV. Remedies, Legal and General, cxiii;
Conclusion, cl;
The Theory Fictions, Jeremy Bentham
Part I. General Outline
I. Linguistic Fictions, 7;
A. Classification of Entities, 7;
B. Classification of Fictitious Entities, 19;
II. Fictions in Psychology, 59;
III. Elliptical Fictions, 66;
IV. Fiction and Metaphor, 70;
V. Exposition, 75;
VI. Language as a Sign-System, 105;
Part II. Special Problems, 
I. Motion, Rest, and Relativity, 109;
II. Substantive and Adjective, 114;
III. The Fiction of Right, 118;
IV. The Fiction of an Original Contract, 122;
V. Analysis, Physical and Linguistic, 126;
VI. Summary;
Appendix A. Legal Fictions, 141;

Appendix B. The Classification of Fictions, by George Bentham, 151;
Index, 157


In 1748, Jeremy Bentham was born in London. The great philosopher, utilitarian humanitarian and atheist began learning Latin at age four. He earned his B.A. from Oxford by age 15 or 16, and his M.A. at 18. His Rationale of Punishments and Rewards was published in 1775, followed by his groundbreaking utilitarian work,Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation. Bentham propounded his principle of "the greatest happiness of the greatest number." He worked for political, legal, prison and educational reform. Inheriting a large fortune from his father in 1792, Bentham was free to spend his remaining life promoting progressive causes. The renowned humanitarian was made a citizen of France by the National Assembly in Paris. In published and unpublished treatises, Bentham extensively critiqued religion, the catechism, the use of religious oaths and the bible. Using the pen-name Philip Beauchamp, he co-wrote a free thought treatise, Analysis of the Influence of Natural Religion on the Temporal Happiness of Mankind (1822). D. 1832.
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