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A Letter of Gratitude to our Partners & Supporters

We are grateful to the Lord of the Worlds, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate, for giving us the blessing and the immense responsibility to humbly spread something of the Beauty of the All-Beautiful through Islamic art and and relics that we serve.
By extension, we are forever grateful for the immense support from our Mashayakh from the Shadhili, Naqshbandi, Ba'Alawi, Chishtī and Qadiri orders, who have entrusted us with the responsibility and protection necessary to undertake such a project whether this be through their knowledge of relics, prayers, blessings and most importantly, their endless lessons on beauty and discernment between the real and the illusory.
Furthermore, we are indebted to all the honorable artisans, Islamic relics collectors, museums, Islamic art historians, Islamic antique experts and the local businesses who have made Rumi's Garden possible. 
Lastly, we are forever indebted to all our clients who through their support have shown so much interest towards the Islamic arts and love for the Beloved through the relics.