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“Islamic art is fundamentally derived from tawhid, that is from an assent to or contemplation of Divine Unity. The essence of at-tawhid is beyond words; it reveals itself in the Koran by sudden and discontinuous flashes. Striking the plane of visual imagination, these flashes congeal into crystalline forms, and it is these forms in their turn which constitute the essence of Islamic art.”
(Titus Burckhardt, author of An Introduction to Sufi Doctrine and Sacred Art in East and West)
Seeing the lack of an online oasis of traditional aesthetics, and the ability to purchase such sacred beauty for one’s home, Rumi’s Garden was established. Our main purpose is to highlight dying Islamic East crafts to the West, and to support Muslim craftsmen through our online store. We are currently located in Spain although our project started in the UK.
We are sincerely committed to the ethical sourcing of all Islamic arts. Our goal is the safeguarding of traditional art in order to ensure that the knowledge and skills associated with traditional artisanry are passed onto future generations. By doing so, the crafts can continue to be produced within their respective communities, providing livelihoods to their makers while promoting the genius of traditional and sacred design. We specifically try to support workshops and antique dealers that are on the verge of bankruptcy, start-ups and the work of refugees, although we do not limit ourselves to this.
Our collections come from regions ranging from Muslim China, the mountains of Iran and Afghanistan to the ancient cities of Damascus and Cairo, into the Spanish mountain range of the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia. Until recently, many of these treasures have been hidden away from the public eye. We intend to make them more readily available at affordable prices.
Rumi’s Garden has also been blessed to have access to certain relics and relic replicas from around the Islamic world. We source authentic Ka'aba kiswahs, kiswahs from the Holy Chamber of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Masjid al-Nabawi (Medina), Riyadh al Jannah carpets and much more! Our profit margins are small and our aim and intention is to simply spread the love and remembrance of God and His Beloved ﷺ through these relics and replicas.
For us, if one simply were to say the salawat while gazing at one of these replicas, we have accomplished more than we could wish for. It is important however to mention that we do not sell relics such as he personal belongings of the Prophet ﷺ nor will we do so in the future.
Feel free to contact us on pr@RumisGarden.co.uk for any inquiries.

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