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“At a recent conference in Riyadh a fellow presenter went to a local mall to buy some gifts. On returning to the hotel he was quite bemused and commented everything he saw was synthetic and made in China. I thought his comment was insightful and a little depressing, since it seemed to highlight the ubiquitous synthetic black bag dresses, cheap musallahs and plastic tasbihs that clutter the life of modern Muslims. Rumi's Garden has put together something which is deeply authentic and not at all ersatz. From the items in their store to the texts on the website one is presented with things which are aesthetically pleasing and enriching. It serves as a reminder of the immense depth that Muslims have access to.”

Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema, teacher of the Darqawi-Shadhlia Order in South Africa and author of The Practice of Intent and The Millennium Discourses ~


“Rumi’s Garden provides tools for reorienting ourselves towards the sacred. Through the Islamic store, Muslims can once again turn their homes into a sacred space where God is remembered. Furthermore, the website offers a beautiful treasury containing some of that luminous sacred wisdom at the heart of Islam, and is an essential resource for Muslim parents and educators alike. Thank you Rumi’s Garden for your beautifully and carefully curated offerings.”

 ~ Mustafa Gouverneur, Director of The Blessed Tree ~


“Rumi's Garden feels like a peaceful oasis in the busy world wide web. It is a wonderful source of inspiration if you are looking for a taste of the Divine. The recommended children's books and film sections are beneficial as well as the store, which stocks high quality traditional arts and crafts including very special prayer beads. I love the old photos from Mecca and other holy places; the meditations help to attain inner peace. Thank you for this blessed contribution.”

 ~ Kristiane Backer, author of From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life ~


“The transmission of cultural and spiritual values from generation to generation was once, perhaps, a matter of course. Today it requires an earnest effort. Rumi’s Garden has done families a generous service in creating a lush oasis of words and images [through its blogs] empowering ancient springs.”

Pir Zia Inayat Khan, teacher of Sufism in the lineage of his grandfather, Hazrat Inayat Khan and author of Saracen Chivalry and Mingled Waters ~


“It is a pleasure, amidst the vast wastelands on the internet, to come across "Rumi’s Garden" where we are invited to quietly ponder timeless truths and to nourish our souls. I commend this site to all sincere spiritual wayfarers, especially those wishing to find the true Islamic faith.”

 ~ Harry Oldmeadow, former co-ordinator of Philosophy and Religious Studies at La Trobe University, Australia. Author of The Betrayal of Tradition: Essays on the Spiritual Crisis of Modernity and Light from the East: Eastern Wisdom for the Modern West ~


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