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Al Hallaj: These Thy servants who are gathered to slay me

Al Hallaj: These Thy servants who are gathered to slay me
Photo:  Shaykh Sulaiman Abu Haraz (may his soul be sanctified) was considered to be one of the symbolic Sufi clerics and elders of the Sinai Peninsula. Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, recently rebranded as ISIS-Sinai, kidnapped the Shaykh from in front of his house in Arish city under gun point. The fanatic militants accused the cleric of “practicing witchcraft' and executed the elderly Shaykh with a sword. He was martyred at age 100.



​These Thy servants who are gathered to slay me, in zeal for Thy religion and in desire to win Thy favour, pardon them and have mercy upon them; for truly if Thou hadst revealed to them that which Thou hast revealed to me, they would not have done what they have done; and if Thou hadst hidden from me that which Thou hast hidden from them, I should not have suffered this tribulation. Glory unto Thee in whatsoever Thou doest, and glory unto Thee in whatsoever Thou willest.




Recommended Reading:

'The Passion of Al-Hallaj: Mystic and Martyr of Islam'
By Louis Massignon (Author, Preface), Herbert W. Mason (Editor)

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Abridged from the four-volume The Passion of al-Hallaj, one of the major works of Western orientalism, this book explores the life and teaching of a famous 10th-century Sufi mystic and martyr, describing not only his experience but also the whole milieu of early Islamic civilization.

(Halftone illustrations)

The French original of this work has stood for most of this century as a model of the way Western scholarship can illumine a foreign culture, not patronize or denature it.... This translation climaxes one of the most focused projects of humanistic scholarship this century has seen.

(Huston Smith)

An incomparable study of the religious forces, the social and political life, and the whole culture of the Islamic world within which [this saint] lived and died.

(Seyyed Hossein Nasr)
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