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Prophet Muhammad (Recorded in Ibn al Arabi's Mishkat al Anwar): I am the hearing by which they hear

Prophet Muhammad (Recorded in Ibn al Arabi's Mishkat al Anwar): I am the hearing by which they hear
Photo: Ottoman Jerusalem, 1900.
Muhammad the Messenger, may Allah bestow peace upon him, once reported these words directly from the Most High:
Whoever acts with hostility toward one of My intimate servants, upon this aggressor I declare war. Human beings cannot approach Me by any way dearer to Me than performing what I have commanded. And My intimate servants never cease to come nearer and nearer to Me through performing acts of loving worship beyond what I have commanded until I embrace them entirely in My Love.When I embrace them, I am the hearing by which they hear, the seeing by which they see, the hands by which they grasp, and the feet by which they walk. If they supplicate Me for all humanity, certainly I will respond. If they seek refuge with Me for all humanity, surely I will grant it. None of My Divine Actions causes Me greater empathy than to withdraw from the earthly body the eternal soul of a believer who abhors death. It actually causes Me Divine Distress to afflict one of My lovers in this way.

(Hadith 91 is collected by the sage al-Bukhari and comes from the transmission of the intimate companion Abu Hurayra, may Allah be pleased with him. Recorded in Ibn al Arabi's Mishkat al Anwar)
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Fatima Casewit is a teacher and educator with more than 25 years of experience and is the translator and editor of "Islam in Tibet." She currently works for a US government contractor aiming to improve education systems throughout the Middle East and Africa. She lives in Washington, DC. Tayeb Chouiref is a French scholar, translator, and teacher. He is the author of "The Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet."


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