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Hadith Qudsi; 'My Hand of Abundance'

Hadith Qudsi; 'My Hand of Abundance'

Photo: Beggar from Algiers, 1800s, by Lehnert & Landrock.



The noble Messenger, may Divine Peace be upon him, reported these words directly from the Most High:

'Spend generously for others from the spiritual and material means I provide you, and I will spend generously for you from my Divine Provision. My Hand of Abundance is always full. No spending, even if it continues night and day, will ever diminish My Abundance.'

Muhammad the Messenger, upon him be peace, then added:
''Have you contemplated what Allah, may He be exalted and glorified, has expended since He first created the heavens and earth? This outpouring has not in the least decreased what He holds in His Hand. His Throne rests upon the primordial waters, and He holds The Balance, which on the Day of Judgement will weigh the minutest intentions behind every action performed by His servants.'

(Hadith Qudsi transmitted by Abu Hurayra)



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