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Imam al-Ghazali: On Isa Ibn Maryam

Imam al-Ghazali: On Isa Ibn Maryam
Photo: The Tariqa Burhāniyya is an Sufi order founded by Sayyidi Abul Hasan ash-Shadhuli and Sayyidi Ibrahim al Disuqi in the 13th century. The order's full name is Tariqa Burhaniya Disuqiya Shadhuliya, referring to its founders. Burhan-u-din is a surname of Sayyidi Ibrahim al Disuqi and means "evidence of religion". The order was renewed by the Sudanese Sheikh and saint Mawlana Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani (1902–1983).



Imam al-Ghazali relates to tradition from the life of Isa, ibn Maryam: Jesus, Son of Mary.
Isa one day saw some people sitting miserably on a wall, by the roadside. He asked: 'What is your affliction?' The said: 'We have become like this through our fear of Hell.'
He went on his way, and saw a number of people grouped disconsolately in various postures by the wayside. He said: 'What is your affliction?' They said: 'Desire for Paradise has made us like this.'
He went on his way, until he came to a third group of people. They looked like people who had endured much, but their faces shone with joy.
Isa asked them: 'What has made you like this?' and they answered: 'The Spirit of Truth. We have seen Reality, and this has made us oblivious of lesser goals.'

Isa said: 'These are the people who attain. On the Day of Accounting these are they who will be in the Presence of God.'


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