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Jami: Who is man?

Jami: Who is man?

Photo: Circassian by Pascal Sebah



Who is man? An all-inclusive intermediate world
The qualities of created beings and God occur in him
What he contains is a microcosmic copy
of the Essence of God and His indescribable qualities
Linked with the subtleties of the world of power (jabarut)
Including the truths of the angelic world (malakut)
His inner dimension is drowned in the ocean of unity
His outer dimension is dry-lipped on the shore of separation
There is not even one of God's qualities
that is not present in his essence.
He is both deeply knowing and hearing and seeing
Speaking, willing, alive, and powerful




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Chittick draws upon the writings of towering figures such as Ibn al-‘Arabi, Rumi, and Mulla Sadra, as well as other important, but lesser-known thinkers, as he engages with a wide variety of topics, such as the nature of being and knowledge, the relationship between love and scriptural hermeneutics, the practical and theoretical dimensions of Islamic mysticism, the phenomenon of religious diversity, and the ecological crisis.
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