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Meister Eckhart, Jili and Black Elk: On The One

Meister Eckhart, Jili and Black Elk: On The One
Photo: An ascetic who constantly keeps his arms extended upward by T. A. Rust; c.1880s.


The One is a negation of negations. Every creature contains a negation; one denies it is the other. An angel denies that it is any other creature; but God contains the denial of denials. He is that One who denies of every other that it is anything except Himself.

(Meister Eckhart)

Wahidiyya is that (aspect) in which the Essence appears as unifying the difference of my attributes. Here the All is both One and Many. Marvel at the plurality of what essentially is One.


Perhaps the most important reason for 'lamenting' is that it helps us to realize our oneness with all things, to know that all things are our relatives; and then in behalf of all things we pray to Wakan Tanka that He may give us knowledge of Him who is the source of all things, yet greater than all things.

(Black Elk)


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'Meister Eckhart: The Essential Sermons, Commentaries, Treatises and Defense'
by Meister Eckhart (Author), Edmund Colledge (Translator), Bernard McGinn (Translator), Houston Smith (Foreword)

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The thought of Meister Eckhart (c. 1260-1327), Dominican philosopher and spiritual master, is among the most daring and difficult in the history of Western mysticism.

Thoroughly grounded in the Scholastic method of his day and steadfastly loyal to the Church, Eckhart's love of speculation, paradox, and the apophatic way, nevertheless, resulted in the controversial condemnation of certain of his teachings by papal bull in 1329. His doctrines of detachment, the return of the soul to God, and the birth of the Son in the soul have continued to perplex his critics and nourish his disciples through the ages.

This volume, based on the critical Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft edition of Eckhart's works, represents the first time that his technical Latin writings and more popular German sermons and treatises have appeared together in English.
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