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Ostad Elahi: The Source is the Unique Creator

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Ostad Elahi: The Source is the Unique Creator
Photo: Nur Ali Elahi (or Ostad Elahi) (September 11, 1895 – October 19, 1974) was a Kurdish spiritual thinker, musician and jurist whose work investigated the metaphysical dimension of human beings. This is one of a few early photographs of him. His hair had not been cut since the age of 6.



The Source is the Unique Creator of all creatures, who has no peer or associate, who was not engendered and does not engender. . . . Each person recites His name based on his own belief, and no one has discovered His true essence . . . only He knows who and what He is. . . . When He willed the creation of the universes, that same will, which lies at the root of all beings and realities, caused the Quiddity and primordial matter. With a shape comparable to none and in a garment of colorless color, it resembled pure water without being water and was in continuous motion in a colorless spiritual space. The Quiddity had come into existence from the reflection of the Source, and that space was a reflection of the Quiddity; the Quiddity was circling about within this infinite and unimaginable spiritual space.

(Ostad Elahi)



Recommended Reading:

'Knowing the Spirit'
By Ostad Elahi (Author), James Winston Morris (Translator)

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Ostad Elahi's Knowing the Spirit provides a concise and remarkably illuminating philosophic account of our unique place in the universe: of the creative expressions of the divine Spirit throughout nature, and of the process of the soul s deepening perfection through all the challenges and lessons of our existence in this world and beyond. This revealing book draws together in a single vision those symbolic teachings and spiritual insights familiar to many Western readers today through the classical mystical poetry of Rumi, Hafez, and Attar. The historical context and language of this study are marked by the confluence of classical Islamic philosophy and spirituality, including Sufi thought, and their scriptural sources. But Elahi's thought integrates those influences and marks them with the magisterial imprint of his own profound spiritual experience and characteristic simplicity, openness, and directness of expression. This volume offers a singular masterpiece of recent spiritual thought, opening up fundamental human perspectives and possibilities too often clouded by the distractions of current events. The emphatic universality of both the subject and presentation of Knowing the Spirit points the way to unsuspected bridges between different civilizations and religious traditions, indeed to the prospect of an inclusive science of spirituality based on the common ground of each person s spiritual life and experience."


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