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Shabistari (Secret Rose Garden): Meditate upon the structure of the heavens

Shabistari (Secret Rose Garden): Meditate upon the structure of the heavens
Photo: Dervish during the Qajar period by Antoin Sevruguin.



​Meditate upon the structure of the heavens,
So that thou may praise the "Truth" in its theophanies.

Behold the world from end to end within thyself,
Whatever comes at the end, thou may see beforehand.
The world of Adam appeared last of all,
Yet the two worlds became dependent upon his essence.
Thou art the kernel of the world, situated at its centre,
Know thyself for thou art the soul of the Universe.
Thou knowest all the Names of God because
Thou art the face of the reflection of the "Named."
O first who art identical with the last!
O inward who art identical with the outward!
Thou art cogitating about thyself day and night,
It is better that thou shouldst think no more of self.





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