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Shaykh Al-Arabi Ad-Darqawi: Certainly all things are hidden in their opposites

Shaykh Al-Arabi Ad-Darqawi: Certainly all things are hidden in their opposites
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Photo: Shaykh Shukri Al-Luhafi, a teacher of Quran, a jurist, a linguist, a calligrapher, a poet, an ascetic `and the spiritual master of the Shādhilī-Darqāwī-Hāshimī order in Syria. He passed to the next world on July 18th 2015 at the age of 96.



​Certainly all things are hidden in their opposites—gain in loss and gift in refusal, honor in humiliation, wealth in poverty, strength in weakness, abundance in restriction, rising up in falling down, life in death, victory in defeat, power in powerlessness and so on. Therefore, if a man wishes to find, let him be content to lose; if he wishes a gift, let him be content with refusal; he who desires honor must accept humiliation and he who desires wealth must be satisfied with poverty; let him who wishes to be strong be content to be weak; let him who wishes abundance be resigned to restriction; he who wishes to be raised up must allow himself to be cast down; he who desires life must accept death; he who wishes to conquer must be content to be conquered and he who desires power must be content with impotence. Which is to say, let him who wishes to be free rejoice in servitude, as his Prophet, friend and Lord (God bless him and give him peace) rejoiced in it; let him choose it as the Prophet chose it and not be proud nor rebel against his condition, for the servant is the servant and the Lord is the Lord…

(Shaikh Al-‘Arabī Ad-Darqāwī)



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'Letters of a Sufi Master: The Shayikh Ad-Darqawi' 

By Shaykh al-'Arabi Ad-Darqawi (Author), Titus Burckhardt (Editor)

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