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Masjid Datuk Pengiran Galpam; Sabah, Malaysia

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Masjid Datuk Pengiran Galpam; Sabah, Malaysia
Masjid Datuk Pengiran is was founded in 1989 in Sandakan is and has since undergone several repairs and upgrades. It is home to many Sufis and lovers of the Prophet SAW. At this point, it can accommodate up to 1500 congregates although during events like the Mawlid, which is celebrated for 60 days, the numbers far exceed this. at one time. Rumi's Garden hopes to further collaborate with the kind caretakers of this blessed mosque in the future.

Rumi's Garden Donates a Blessed Footprint Replica of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to Masjid Datuk Pengiran Galpam; Sabah, Malaysia.


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