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Blessed Burda Destimal | Kerchief with Wash Water of Prophetic Hair


Blessed Burda Destimal (kerchief) containing water used to wash Prophet Muhammads ﷺ Hair


Blessed Burda Destimal is a skillfully crafted and designed cotton kerchief that has been sprayed with blessed Zamzam water used to wash the hair (شعرات النبي محمد, Moi-e-Muqaddas, موے مقدس) of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The Blessed Mantle (Burda), according to tradition, was given by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to Ka'b bin Zuhayr. Ka'b was a poet who had composed many satirical poems ridiculing the Prophet ﷺ and Islam. On the advice of his Muslim brother to repent and visit the Messenger of God, Ka’b went to Medina where he met the Prophet ﷺ just after he had finished the morning prayers. Upon seeing the Prophet ﷺ, Ka'b asked: “O Messenger of Allah, Ka'b bin Zuhayr has come as a repentant Muslim and asks for security from you. Will you accept his repentance?” A man from the Ansar leaped onto Ka‘b and said, “O Rasulullah! Leave me alone with this enemy of Allah; Let me cut of his head!” The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ordered the Ansari to let go of him as he came to express his repentance. Upon that, Ka‘b began to recite his famous Burda poem:

The Messenger a light is, source of light,
An Indian blade, a drawn sword of God's swords,
Amid Quraysh companions. When they chose
Islam in Mecca's vale, men said, "Be gone!"
They went, not weaklings, not as men that flee,
Swaying upon their mounts and poorly armed,
But heroes proud and noble of mien, bright-clad
In mail of David's weave for the encounter.

(Translated by Martin Lings)

When Ka'b had finished his recitation, our beloved Prophet ﷺ drew off his burda (cloak/ mantle) and put it over Ka'b’s shoulders in appreciation. The mantle became the most valuable piece of clothing ever since and is now located in the Topkapi museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

During the Ottoman Empire, the Blessed Mantle was visited by the sultan, his family, and the court during a ceremony on the fifteenth day of Ramadan. During the visitation ceremony, the Blessed Mantle was either kissed or revered after which various kerchiefs were used to touch it. These kerchiefs, called destimal-ı şerif, were then distributed to public officials, religious scholars, notables, and ladies of the palace.

The design of Blessed Burda Destimal is a replica of one of the kerchiefs that underwent the ceremony in the year 1308 Hijri (1891) and is currently part of the Topkapi museum collection.

In beautiful thuluth calligraphy, it states:

The silken sky cannot even be a carpet spread out,
For the Mantle of the prophet’s pride.
Touch its edges in your face and kiss it,
Petition to the Intercessor of all.

In an attempt to bring the spirit of this beautiful tradition back, Rumi’s Garden has created Blessed Burda Destimal. Once the destimal is produced, it is sprayed with Zamzam water that had been collected from washing the blessed hair of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ making it a protective relic for the home or your person.

Please note that Rumi's Garden is charging for the cost of the destimal and not the wash water of the Prophetic hair which is a gift to our valuable clients.

For more information on the significance of the hair and hair wash water of Prophet Muhammad , click here and scroll down.

Details of Blessed Burda Destimal (kerchief) containing water used to wash Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Hair

۩ A 20 x 20 cm perfumed cotton kerchief sprayed with Zamzam water that was used to wash the hair of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

۩ A pouch to protect the destimal

۩ A Rumi's Garden in-house letter of authentication describing the kerchief.

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