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Pocket Hilye Destimal | Kerchief with Wash Water of Prophetic Hair


Pocket Hilye Destimal (kerchief) containing water used to wash Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Hair

Pocket Hilye Destimal is a beautifully woven and designed cotton kerchief that has been sprayed Zamzam water used to wash the hair (شعرات النبي محمد, Moi-e-Muqaddas, موے مقدس) of the Prophet Muhammad .

Since the early days of Islam, the hilye (description of the Prophet ﷺ), had been written in tiny script and carried in the breast pocket as a sign of love and esteem for the Beloved ﷺ. It also served as a talisman of protection.

For the design of the Pocket Hilye Destimal, the top banner contains the phrase Al hamdul’Allah (praise be to God) in the format of a tughra seal.

Below the tughra is the Divine Name Allah, and in the center of the hilye, in a crescent, rests the name Muhammad. Dotted around the hilye in roundels or cloud roundels are the ten to whom Paradise was promised ( العشرة المبشرون); The four Rashidun caliphs Abu Bakr (c. 573–634), Umar (c. 596–644), Uthman (c. 576–656), and Ali (c. 600–661), Talha (c. 593–656), Zubayr (born c. 592–602, died 656), Abd al-Rahman ibn Awf (c. 577–c. 652), and Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas (born c. 600, died c. 670–678), Sa'id ibn Zayd (c. 600–670/671) and Abu Ubayda ibn al-Jarrah (c. 581–639). The grandsons of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Hassan and Husayn, also appear to the left and the right in the bottom fourth of the hilye.

In beautiful Kufic calligraphy script, the phrase ‘Barakat Muhammad’ (Blessing of Muhammad) is calligraphed four times. Small diagrammatic representations of the Rawda al-Shareef, the Mihrab and Minbar of the Prophet, and the Haramain in Mecca & Medina also occupy a corner in this hilye.

Three representations of the Prophet Sandal (Nalain) are depicted, each with a narration that describes the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The calligraphy on the large central Sandal states:

“The Prophet of God, peace be upon him, was of mighty significance to God and profoundly honored among the people. His face radiated light like the moon on its fullest night. He was a bit taller than the medium stature and a bit shorter than the tall and skinny. His head was large. His hair was wavy. If his hair parted, he would leave it parted; if not, he would leave it, and it would not be long enough to pass his earlobes. His complexion was fair...His chest was broad and his shoulders wide and muscular. He had large limbs. The parts of his body that could be seen while he was clothed were luminous...His insteps were high. His feet were smooth without protuberances, and water would run off of them. When he would move off, he would move with determination. He would step surely and unhurriedly and not proudly. He walked gently and with dignity, and he would take wide steps when he wanted to walk quickly. When he walked, it was as if he were descending from a slope, and when he would look at someone, he would turn to him fully. He would lower his gaze and look down more often than up. He didn’t stare. He would lead his companions by walking behind them out of modesty and would always be the first to greet them.”

Please note that Rumi's Garden is charging for the cost of the destimal and not the wash water of the Prophetic hair which is a gift to our valuable clients.

For more information on the significance of the hair and hair wash water of Prophet Muhammad , click here and scroll down.

Details of Pocket Hilye Destimal (kerchief) containing water used to wash Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Hair

۩ A 20 x 20 cm perfumed cotton kerchief sprayed with Zamzam water that was used to wash the hair of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

۩ A pouch to protect the destimal

۩ A Rumi's Garden in-house letter of authentication describing the kerchief.

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