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Replica of Honored Bowl Of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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Item Number: 2000


۩ Replica of the Prophet's ﷺ Honoured Bowl made from durable resin. The Blessed Bowl is 19.5 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in height. It weighs 1.7 kilos. 


۩ An in-house Rumi's Garden certificate of authentication containing the history of the Prophet’s ﷺ Honoured Bowl.

Detailed Description:

The Honoured Bowl is an authentic replica recreation of the existing bowl that belonged to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The original Honoured Bowl is located in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, Turkey. The bowl has an extremely strong 'sanad' (chain of authorisation). 

Qur’anic inscriptions adorn the Honoured Bowl and the history of the bowl until the time of Amir Sibay is written in small characters on its brim. It was Amir Sibay who ordered the wooden Honored Bowl to be covered in the silver ornamentation in order to protect it.

The mould of the Honoured Bowl was designed professionally by an associate of Rumi’s Garden and was sent to craftsmen who specifically make casts for museums.  Small adjustments have been made for the calligraphy to be visible in the replication process. 

As this is a handmade product, all measurements are approximate.


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