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Imam Ali: The intellect is better than desire

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Imam Ali: The intellect is better than desire
The intellect is better than desire, for the intellect makes you a king over your destiny, and desire makes you a slave of your destiny.

(Imam Ali)

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'Alone with the Alone in the Name' By J.M. Tresflin (Author) 


Recommended Reading:
'Alone with the Alone in the Name'
By J.M. Tresflin (Author)
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Gingerly probing the mystery of God's conversations with individuals, this collection of poetry demonstrates that God communicates with people today just as he did in the past, so long as there is someone to listen. Urging readers to cast aside the desperate prerogatives of their runaway egos, these poems offer guidance in dissolving the brittle accretions of human personality in order that God might shine through.
'This Canticle of the Divine Name is in the pure lineage of mystical poetry. Each text provides a station in which one's spirit may rest.'
(Jean Bies, Author)
'It is a rare joy to be reminded of the truth by the aphorisms contained in this beautiful book. Each of them is a ray of light that both illuminates and warms, and reveals the Path of Return.'
(Barry McDonald, managing director, World Wisdom)
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