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Martin Lings: God is ‘the Light’

Martin Lings: God is ‘the Light’
God is ‘the Light’, and this Name is partly equivalent to his Names ‘the Truth’ and ‘the Knower’. Truth is the object of Knowledge, and both are Light as opposed to the darkness of error and ignorance. The Light is One, but it is manifested with different degrees of intensity throughout creation, degrees of guidance which radiate from Truth, and degrees of faith which radiate from Knowledge.
(Martin Lings)
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‘The Book of Certainty: The Sufi Doctrine of Faith, Vision and Gnosis’ By Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din (Author) 


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‘The Book of Certainty: The Sufi Doctrine of Faith, Vision and Gnosis’
By Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din (Author)

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'To express in the language of Sufism, that is, Islamic mysticism, some of the universal truths which lie at the heart of all religions' - this is the book's avowed purpose. It came into being because the author was asked by a friend to set down in writing what he considered to be the most important things that a human being can know. He was also asked to make it very easy, and despite the depth of all that it contains, it has in fact a remarkable simplicity and clarity, due no doubt to the constant use of traditional imagery which awakens and penetrates the imagination. 

"This book is an excellent introduction to Sufism, highly intelligent, balanced, lucid, well-written and in places really eloquent."

(Islamic Culture, Hyderabad)

"Wonderful, short and sweet discussion of symbols and the spiritual world...important and significant window into the Sufi mode of speech."

(Journal of Islamic Studies)

"Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din has bestowed upon the world a great benefaction in giving it this very important Sufic treatise."

(Islamic Quarterly)

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