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Ilm Tree; California, US

Ilm Tree; California, US
ILM Tree is a creative education center that builds quality programs integrating community, family, cultural respect, and environmental connectedness.
Their mission is to build a flexible, all-inclusive environment that serves as a viable new paradigm for any Muslim institution of learning in America -- one that endeavors to offer superior academic instruction in a well-rounded education. We strive to combine the best available classical curricula with our Islamic traditions to educate the “whole” child. They started with a vision of what a great education should be and have grown by adding those people and programs that support our common goals.
ILM Tree models an extended-family approach to learning and a needs-based approach to building creative programs that can then enrich the greater community. Located among the rolling hills of a 22-acre ranch in the beautiful town of Lafayette, we teach and learn in a spacious residential home.

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