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Amulet Pendant with Inscription: Astaghfirullah, Mashallah, la quwwata illa billah


Item Number: 634
۩ Inscription: Astaghfirullah, Mashallah, la quwwata illa billah (I seek forgiveness from God, God has Willed, There is no power save by God)
۩ Country of Origin: Egypt
۩ Age: New
۩ Stone Material: Coquilla (Kuk)
۩ Pendant Frame: 925 sterling silver
۩ Length: Approximately 22 mm 
۩ Width: Approximately 27 mm 
۩ Height: Approximately 5 mm
Detailed Description:
A talisman (taweez) is any object that is imbued with protective powers and the most efficacious are those that are inscribed with prayers that evoke the name of God and the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. The ninety-nine names of God, verses from the Qur’an, and sayings of the Prophet (hadith), for example, are appropriated and regenerated into texts that are meant to be good omens. Talismans that contain inscriptions with the names of prophets and religious figures have the power to protect an individual from hardship and danger by acting as conduits between these holy figures and anyone carrying the talisman.