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Shaykh Muhammad Haydara al-Jilani; Gambia

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Shaykh Muhammad Haydara al-Jilani; Gambia
Shaykh Muhammad a shaykh of the Qadriyya order in Gambia. He heads the The Qadiriyya Association which is a non-political, charitable Association with the vision to promote and revive the Sunnah and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and to critically look at the acrimonious divisions emerging at an unprecedented rate under the guise of religion. The Association endeavors to promote tolerance, understanding and peaceful co-existence between all groups that uphold the Sunnah. Shaykh Muhammad has disciples all around the world. 

Rumi's Garden Donates a Blessed Footprint Replica of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to Shaykh Muhammad Haydara al-Jilani; Gambia.


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